National Theater of Korea's 50th year to close with 'Song of King Sejong'

时间:2023-12-06 08:05:21 来源:바다 슬롯

A grand-scale production featuring a blend of traditional Korean instrumental music, Western orchestra, "pansori" (Korean traditional narrative singing), choir and dance will celebrate the year's end at the National Theater of Korea (NTOK).

Three state companies -- the National Changgeuk Company of Korea, the National Dance Company of Korea and the National Orchestra of Korea -- affiliated with the NTOK have joined forces to mark the 50th anniversary of the theater's relocation to Namsan, central Seoul.

A total of 313 performers from the companies, orchestra and choir will perform “Song of King Sejong: Wolincheongangjigok” at the Haeoreum Grand Theater on Dec. 29-31.